Moiin Robodesk
Gaming desk & chair  design for moiin​​​​​​​

Moiin Robodesk is a gaming desk specially designed to provide the utmost comfort to gamers. It minimizes the discomfort when gamers concentrate on gaming for a long period as it features a robotic arm that automatically adjusts the height and inclination angle of the desk part and a massage chair made of leather. Its overall appearance referenced the sharp and sleek Lamborghini's rigid surface, and the seat design is from the seat part of the brand.

Development of ideas

We intended it to feel natural to gamers. We stylized the product to be technical and lean that gamers would appreciate. We wanted to make users perceive two parts of the product as one product. To achieve this goal, we emphasized exterior and interior of Lamborghini. ​​​​​​

Agile contour & CMF

We considered the harmonious look of the contour due to the shape of the product which was referenced in Lamborghini's complex one. 
The two contrary material parts of it: Cold and solid metallic and plastic parts, and soft and comfy leather parts, are designed to be experienced as simultaneously watching the interior and exterior of Supercars.

Ergonomic details for comfort

The position of buttons and inclination angles of the axis went through adjustments to fit the user's ergonomic aspect. We carefully considered the length of an arm and the rotation angle of the head and neck inclination when designing it. The movement is rather smooth than rapid when altering posture mode to ensure safety. ​​​​​​​


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